How To Find A Syrian Hamster Rescue

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What should I do if there are no respectable hamster breeders in my area? Yet I want to purchase my hamsters from a moral source? I’d rather not keep purchasing them from stores like PetSmart.

You should consider visiting nearby animal shelters and rescues. They might have one or two hamsters for you to see.

You can’t be sure you’re obtaining a “purebred” variety of hamsters. The majority of shelters and pounds do kill animals, especially if they are run by the city.

Smaller rodents don’t stay there for very long. This is because they lack the resources and knowledge to properly care for them.

Whenever in doubt, consult your neighborhood shelter. You might be able to save a life.


Where is the nearest hamster rescue organization?

Are there any hamster rescue organizations or individuals in New Jersey or surrounding areas?

Using Petfinder, you may locate hamsters for adoption in your area. You probably won’t discover any rescues specifically for hamsters, just ones that also happen to have hamsters. In general, rodent-specific rescues are uncommon. At your local humane society, you’ll undoubtedly find animals that are adoptable.

When you no longer want your hamster and are unsure about whom to give it to, what should you do?

Find “Hamster Rescue” in your neighborhood. They will assist you.


How to spot the “one” at a hamster rescue

How did you know your pet was “the one” when you chose it from a litter or shelter, whether it was purebred or a rescue?

My first thought of hamsters as pets on the television show F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (Recall the story about the mud girl? In a pile of trash, the filthy kid was hunting for her missing hamster, “Mitzy”! Yes, I plagiarized the name. I desired one for myself ever since. So before she was even born, I had already planned my strategy after doing a study on their upkeep and care.

But I was unaware of the conditions under which hamsters go through in New Jersey. Hamsters endure a terrible existence here due to ignorance.

I was surprised when I went to look at the new newborns. Syrian hamsters were housed in tiny (1–1.5 square foot) plastic containers with holes in the lids. It was obvious that the man, who identified himself as a hamster breeder, had little knowledge about Syrian hamsters. In each box, he had kept many hammies. He had three: a tank for breeding, a tank for males, and a tank for females.

Just a few days old when I first saw the puppies, they were too young for me to recognize “The One” for me. I just stated to him that I preferred a girl and Satya preferred a male. We departed after he said we could pick up the puppies in a month.

Getting home from the hamster rescue

When I got home, I couldn’t stop worrying about the unfortunate infants and what would become of them. I was torn between buying those infants outright and if it would be a cruel endorsement of unethical breeding. By the third week’s end, he began pressuring us to take the infants away from him.

Even though I had no past experience with hamsters. I knew from my study that you should not remove them from the litter until they are 6 to 8 weeks old. Even though the males and females must be kept apart. Once more, I found myself in a difficult situation. But I knew I had to get those infants out of there before they ended up in the wrong hands.


We went to pick up the puppies the following week. He had only preserved two pups for us at that point and had already sold four. I was still hesitant to buy anything from him, but when I saw the infants, I was in awe. How did I locate her?

She and her sibling both experienced a significant hair loss. It turned out that before the “sell,” the guy gave them each a “shower” to clean them up. For the benefit of those who are unaware, hamsters only receive dry sand baths.


Maybe circumstances might force you to give your hammy a water bath, but not while it’s so young. Even older children require rapid drying after bathing.

So this is why I knew my hammy was the one. I had to rescue him from that bad place.

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