Dog Grooming Show Preparation

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Wanna join a dog grooming show?

According to Susan Hamil, a seasoned professional in the dog show industry, “Miss America does not just lie on the couch eating potato chips before a pageant.” The same holds true for show dogs. One of the four dog show specialists who gave their advice and dog care routine before a show was Hamil, a judge, and lover of Bloodhounds.

Although the well-groomed dogs may make it seem simple, there is constant work to get ready for the arena.

Even though your dog might not be showing off at a confirmation competition, we are confident that you will always consider them to be Best in Show. Your dog will look and feel its best with the help of these dog grooming ideas.

dog grooming show
A dog grooming itself

1. Talking Exercise in a Dog Grooming Show

The interesting thing about show dogs is that they come to appreciate the attention, which boosts their self-esteem.

Dogs require exercise because they feel their best when they are in excellent shape, just like people do. For instance, a show Bloodhound often swims for 45 minutes while wearing a weighted vest to stay in shape, according to bloodhound judge and breeder Susan Hamil.


2. Examine the Dog Food for a Dog Grooming Show

“Researching your dog food is the most crucial piece of advice I give West Highland White Terrier owners. Many Westies are prone to skin problems, and owners desire a formulaic solution to fix the problem, but it’s not that simple. I believe that some dog meals encourage the formation of yeast, and yeast is harmful to Westies. I have a couple of friends who have Westies, and they chew themselves raw.

It gets in their armpits, in their pads, and it just grows. It may not be allergies, despite what many think. Perhaps there is too much sugar in the food or there are too many carbohydrates, which leads to the production of sugar, which feeds yeast.

Always do your study on their food and consult your veterinarian about what is suitable.

3. Teach Your Dog to Love Grooming

Dog owners must be prepared to invest the time necessary to train their pets to enjoy getting groomed. The dog will become accustomed to handling and learn to appreciate it if you can put them up on a countertop, touch their feet, and brush their coat. My dogs will independently climb up onto the grooming tables and hang out. They’ll give me a look that says, “Hey, it’s my turn!” Touch me. For the dog, it can be really calming if you make it fun. 

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4. Recognize the Kind of Coat Your Dog Has

“Knowing what your dog’s coat requires is incredibly beneficial. Shih Tzus, for instance, are renowned for having long, flowing coats. Shih Tzus frequently require a conditioner after a bath to rehydrate their skin because the heavier shampoos used to clean them can sometimes dry them out.

Keep in mind that due to the pH balance changes, it is imperative to use shampoo products designed for dogs rather than people.

Bloodhounds have a coat that is weatherproof. They naturally waterproof their coats by secreting sebum, which allows them to shrug off the water without it soaking into their hair. You don’t want to eliminate the natural oils when washing your dog. On a regular basis, use a soft shampoo.

I also rinse with a conditioner or crème. I brush the dog’s coat to remove dead hair before wash time. A rubber brush with individual bristles is what I choose.


5. Always Practice Good Dental Hygiene For a Dog Grooming Show

“It’s important for huge dogs to become used to handling right away. To massage their gums and brush their teeth, you should be able to elevate their lip. You can use a finger brush or a toothbrush with gentle rubber bristles to massage their gums. Make sure to always brush the gum line as well. Dogs can experience the same dental problems as people, with the exception that they cannot wash their teeth after eating.


“I offer my dogs a chew that is a solidified cheese to help keep their teeth clean in addition to brushing. They are convenient for little dogs to grip between their paws, which is why I like them. They don’t leave a lot of debris or stains on their coat. Additionally, I’ve recently become interested in dried duck feet. They only visit my dogs twice a week. For some reason, they adore them, and their teeth are pristine.

dog grooming show
Woman cutting a dog’s hair

6. Nail Trimming Is Important — Pay Attention to Foot Hair NAILS

“I always inspect my dogs’ nails before giving them a wash. People sometimes neglect to cut their dogs’ nails because breeds like Shih Tzus and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have thick foot hair. They shouldn’t, though. Their feet and their capacity to move are not superb when their nails are excessive.

Shih Tzus and other toy breeds should have the hair between the pads of their feet on the underside trimmed. Decrease their odds of experiencing irritation between the foot pads by keeping that area neat and tidy. Additionally, it aids in traction so that they can use their footpads on various surfaces.

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