Review Of Petco Hamsters For Adoption

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If you want to adopt a pet, Petco hamsters for adoption could come to mind. However, many people have their own thoughts regarding Petco. Let’s see what some of them say.

Below are the opinions of different people regarding adopting hamsters from PetCo.

Matthew Kola on Petco hamsters for adoption

Just so you know, PetCo sells hamsters, not adopts them out. Look at your neighborhood shelter if you wish to adopt; they could have some there.

petco hamsters for adoption
A hamster

My two Syrian hamsters are from PetCo. My hands smelt like carrots when the first one, Butterscotch, bit me once. He doesn’t draw blood. He is quite docile. And I treat him however I please without him being irritated. He is incredibly slothful and hardly ever runs in his wheel. He lets little kids hold him however they want when they come over. The Golden Retriever of hamsters, he is.

Jellybean, my other hamster, is a lot busier. Every night, he runs on his wheel. Even though he has a more volatile personality, he never bites or nips. He’s already run out of my hands, but this time it is very apparent that he does not want you to pick him up. To put it another way, I am at fault. He makes me grin in other ways even though he is less docile than Butterscotch. For instance, after I clean his cage, he will scale the bars until he perches atop his wheel before scaling the opposite side.

Although the attitude of the hamsters at PetCo varies, they still have terrific pets.


Jackson Dickson on Petco hamsters for adoption

First off, Petco does adopt hamsters. Although it’s not very common. Occasionally people bring in animals with the excuse that they “got bored”. Or something similar. If a result, Petco takes them in and monitors them for three days to ensure that they are healthy and okay. And then seeks veterinarian care as necessary.

After that, a small table is there with only animals available for adoption. Now, keep in mind that she isn’t always correct because they just know what the prior parent tells them! There is no health or 30-day warranty for these animals, in contrast to animals that people buy. Of course, you must be at least 18 years old.


Petco hamsters for adoption that flop

Every three months or so, we mark them down by 25% at Petco. Therefore, a hamster that stays for three months will receive a 25% discount. Six months will receive a 50% discount, and nine months would receive a 75% discount.

After a year, we either transfer them to another Petco, reduce their price to around $1, or even provide them for free. Alternately, one of the workers takes them home. We personally have had seven animals since we began working at Petco (6 fish and a mouse).


Before getting a pet hamster, what should you know about them?

Hamsters demand endurance.

When you first bring your hamster home, you won’t be able to play with it. You must first tame it. Which might take a very long time depending on the hamster’s breed and temperament. Dwarf hamsters are more difficult to train than conventional hamsters.

And some hamsters will have no training at all, regardless of your best efforts. Some animals, like my own hamster, can only be “half-tamed.”

This means you can fill up their food dish or change their wheel without worrying about them being upset. Mine will occasionally let me pet her for a short while, but after that, she’s done and won’t let me pick her up at all. I have to lure her into her hamster ball if I need to remove her from her cage.

petco hamsters for adoption
A hamster

Additionally, many products sold at pet stores as being “for hamsters” aren’t actually for hamsters.

I went straight to the cages to select a home for my hamster pal. I went to a pet store since I knew I needed a cage at least that size, but there were only two hamster cages available.

One was too small, had loud, garish colors that were too difficult to maintain, and had a small hatch opening. It also didn’t meet the size criteria. I asked a coworker if the other cage, which did satisfy the size criteria and appeared to be much easier to keep, was suitable for dwarf hamsters. After some thought, she replied “yes.”

Guess what, though! My hamster discovers the one spot in the cage where she fits through the bars, and she succeeds in doing so. When my uncle gets home, he catches me stooping around the living room holding plastic cups in both hands in an attempt to capture her.

She is now housed in a 15-gallon fish tank with a lizard grate on top after we eventually caught her. I suggest that instead of using the cage at all, you should get the tank right away. In any case, it is simpler to clean than a cage.

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