Basics of A Dog Jumping Competition

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You need to join a dog jumping competition. Although dog agility equipment is abundant on agility courses, dog agility leaps are the most frequent obstacle. Here are some of the jumps you might see at an agility competition. Keep in mind that Carlson Agility has all of these jumps as well as a wide range of dog agility supplies.

dog jumping competition
A dog jumping

Jumps for one dog in agility

The single hop is what it says it is. This jump only uses one pole, which is at a certain height. Depending on the height class in which the dogs are participating, the height varies.

It goes without saying that smaller breeds will jump from lower heights than larger dogs. Senior dogs and puppies will also have lower jump heights. Compared to dogs who are, in a sense, in the agility prime.

Every course will contain a large number of single jumps. And it is frequently advised to start your dog agility training with a few of the jumps on your course.

You can start dog agility jumping instruction by having your dog jump over a pole that is on the ground.

Once they appear to comprehend the jump order or signal and have a general understanding, lower the jump and practice using it until the dog masters it. You should eventually set the leap to the competition level and solely practice there.


Dog Agility Double Jumps

A double dog agility jump is different from a jump with just two poles rather than one. Instead, it is a jump that has two poles that are parallel but spaced a short distance apart, requiring your dog to jump a greater distance.

It can be a good idea to practice with the two poles placed at the same height. As well as with the second pole higher because the second pole is occasionally put higher than the first pole.

In addition to USDAA and AKC double dog jumps, most other dog agility associations will employ a variant of one of these associations. Simply look at what is normally present on the competition courses for your firm and choose the greatest match.

In addition, we have a practice double jump, as seen in the image to the right. This can be a terrific, simple approach to start training those long jumps.


Dog Agility Jumps Three Times

On a competition track, you might or might not see the triple jump because it extends the distance a little further than the double jump. If your dog jumps very well, there are agility competitions that are solely focused on the jumping, which are aptly called Jumpers.


A triple jump can be on both a Jumper course and a standard competitive course. Again, you can choose the triple jumps that are most suited for your dog agility organization from those offered by the AKC and USDAA.


Jumps Over Fences in a Dog Jumping Competition

Fence wing jumps, which are simple jumps with tiny fences or wings on either end, are a typical sight on agility courses.


These jumps can be more difficult than a standard bar jump without fences or wings because they do have a tendency to limit sight a little. Although much lower in height, these resemble the fence jumps used in horse show jumping contests.


Dog in Panel Jumps

Dog agility jumps that use panels rather than bars are usually single leaps. Because the dog cannot see through the jump as you can with a bar jump. These can be more difficult than bar jumps. Fence wings may or may not be present in the panel jumps, so be ready for that as well.


Agility Dog Tire Jumps in a Dog Jumping Competition

A tire jump is a common feature of agility courses, and we sell both regular and miniature tire jumps on our website. We advise that you simply hold the tire and jump up on the ground. And have your dog go through it at first because the tire jump might be challenging for canines to learn.

Repeat this exercise numerous times, rewarding the athletes after they successfully complete the jump.

Place the jump onto its frame in the lowest position once your dog can walk through it, then have them practice jumping through at a low height. You can increase it to competition height once they have mastered the tire jump.


Special Jumping Options at a Dog Jumping Competition

Jumping is a talent used in a variety of dog sports, including dog agility. For instance, obedience courses frequently feature some unusual obedience jumps, such as a broad jump. Simply elevated slats spaced closely to the ground and closely apart make up the broad jump.

Being able to jump far rather than high is more important for navigating the broad jump. A window jump is one of the unusual jumping alternatives that UKC provides. Along with a few other intriguing obstacles like a sway bridge or a crawl tunnel.

dog jumping competition
A dog doing a trick

Purchase Dog Agility Jumps Right Now

We have almost every kind of dog agility jump you could possibly need at Carlson Agility. Including mini agility jumps and mini tire jumps for small breeds. Dog tunnels, weave poles, agility dog walks, a dog agility a-frame, the pause table, and many other items are available in our range of dog agility equipment.

All of our agility equipment is handcrafted from the best materials and constructed to competition standards. Please feel free to email us at any time if you have any queries regarding our dog agility jumps. Or any other of our agility supplies.

If you’re unsure about what to get, think about buying a beginner kit for dog agility, which will come with a variety of dog agility accessories.

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