Guide To Hamster Rehoming In America

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Been thinking about hamster rehoming? Here is the right article for you. No judging.

I know finding a new home for a pet is never easy. But there are situations when pet owners find themselves in this situation. Especially with their hamster. This circumstance is very frequent when the owner unintentionally has a pregnant hamster. Or mistakenly bred her hamsters. Before you locate the ideal setting for your pet, you might need to attempt a few approaches. This is if you need to find a new home for one or more hamsters.

hamster rehoming
A rehomed hamster

Inquire about hamster rehoming

Don’t undervalue the influence of word of mouth. Make sure everyone knows you’re looking for a new home for your hamster. Including your friends, coworkers, veterinarian, and family. If you’re lucky, you might find that your pet has the ideal new home. A home with someone who already loves and is familiar with him.


Elementary schools could do hamster rehoming

Ask the instructors at your neighborhood elementary school. Ask them if they would have your hamster as a class pet. You can also find it useful to use social media websites and online classifieds. This way you can find a suitable house.


Speak with animal shelters and animal rescue organizations

Some animal shelters and pet rescue organizations will accept hamsters. Yet, not all of them do. Ask around to see if there is an animal shelter or pet rescue organization that will either take your hamster. Or assist you in connecting with other animal lovers to find him the ideal new home.

A shelter that frequently takes in tiny animals may be more helpful in finding your pet a new home. It’s better than one that does so infrequently.

You might also be able to get in touch with a person or business that works hard to match the appropriate hammies with the right families.


Pet shops do hamster rehoming

If you bought your hamster from a pet store or there is one close by. You might be able to sell your pet to them or have them buy it back from you. It won’t harm to try, even if not all pet stores will purchase hamsters from private sellers.


Life sometimes interferes with our ability to continue caring for our dogs. If this describes you, please contact a small animal rescue in your area right once.

Please don’t anticipate being able to drop off your hamster with a small animal rescue the minute you call.

There was a result of an inflow of unwanted animals bought during Covid-times. Many small animal shelters are at capacity. But they might be able to assist you in contact with possible adopters.

Until the rescue can locate and vet a new home for your hamster, you might need to continue caring for it.

Additionally, I advise you to join the Facebook group Ham Ham Love Adoption and Transport. This organization assists in bringing together those wanting hamsters. Plus those looking to rehome their hamsters.

You can use this site to discover someone in your neighborhood who wants to adopt a hamster if you want to give up your hamster.

Please keep in mind that hamsters have limited lifespans. And that each and every moment counts. Find someone who can look after them if you can’t.

Online Community

But if the issue is just that you can’t connect with your hamster. There are plenty of YouTube videos and a vibrant Instagram community for ideas and advice. Hamsters can make excellent pets, but you do need to give them a chance to succeed.

In these Facebook communities, you can ask for assistance. This is if you need assistance establishing a bond with your hamster.

You are now in charge of ensuring that a hamster lives a life free from pain if you buy or obtain one. Please show them this little courtesy.

hamster rehoming
A hamster in a cage

Adoption websites

Find adoption websites in your area and put his images as well as contact details online. If you have hamster rescues in your region you may try to find one too. Attempt to ensure that his house has at least 450-775 square inches of uninterrupted floor area and 6 to 9 inches of bedding.


Am I a bad person?

Is it considered being a terrible pet owner if you rehome a hamster since you can’t give it the best life possible because of your illness?

No, it actually makes you more responsible. Getting another animal without first making some sort of the big change in your situation would be bad.

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