Common USA Dog Competition Show

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Looking for a dog competition show in America?

The “mockumentary” “Best in Show” from 2000 offers a humorous look at the interesting world of dog shows.

Dog competitions provide a fun way to learn about dogs and meet other dog lovers, from dog breeders to groomers to regular dog lovers.

But in this post, we’ll focus on two totally different categories of dog competitions. The AKC (American Kennel Association) shows come first. These are organized into sections for working dogs, sporting breeds, and non-working breeds, all of which are AKC-recognized dog breeds.

These are the well-known programs that come to mind when someone mentions a dog competition. such as the Thanksgiving television broadcast of The National Dog Show. We’ll give you a brief overview of seven dog shows held in the United States.

dog competition show
Woman training her dog

There is, however, another aspect to dog competitions as well. These are contests for dog grooming. Participants’ evaluation is on their dog-grooming prowess, including their use of scissors.

Tammy Siert is the Secretary of Groom Team USA, a Certified Master Dog Groomer, a Small Animal Education Team for Andis, and a judge for grooming competitions. Most groomers are unaware of grooming competitions, she claims. A trade expo may be on social media. Some of them learn more after seeing this grooming competition at a trade fair where they have gone for educational purposes.

More Stuff

You may read more about the best dog contests and dog grooming contests in the United States below. You can discover yourself picking up new grooming skills, meeting new people, and getting involved in an entertaining new activity!

Every Thanksgiving, tens of thousands of families watch the National Dog Show together in front of their TVs. It airs immediately following Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For many Americans, it’s the best part of Thanksgiving!


The Kennel Club of Philadelphia Dog Show, as this competition is usually known, debuted in 1879! It has a long and cherished history of competing and showing alongside the top dogs in the nation.

The top dogs from each of the seven breed groups are competing in their respective competitions. But only little excerpts of those incidents come on during the broadcast part. When the Best of Breed in each category competes for Best of Show, that is the primary televised event.


The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

The second-oldest and most enduring sports event in the nation, immediately behind the Kentucky Derby, is the storied Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! This competition, which takes place in New York City, receives approximately 3,000 entries each year.

You can view all of the registered dogs on the bench. Due to the enormous amount of entrees, it takes two whole days. What could be a better hobby for a dog lover?

Never fear if you wish to watch adorable Corgis, American Pitbulls, Cane Corsos, Boston Terriers, Miniature Poodles, or Akitas. All of them will be present in the Westminster competition!


King Arthur Van Foliny Home, a Wire Fox Terrier, won the Best of Show award in 2019. (As you’ve probably observed, puppies at dog shows typically have long, impressive names that are frequently unique.)

Evaluation of a Dog Competition Show

Dogs’ evaluation is on their obedience, demeanor, and stride (how they walk). They assess them physically using benchmarks established by the industry; in other words, there is a “correct” appearance for each breed. This comprises bodily proportions (such as a facial form), weight, tail length, hair color, length, and thickness.


Black and white German Shorthaired Pointers are one example. Others have brown blotches on white clothing. However, only GSPs that are brown and white with liver spots can compete because that is the industry norm.


An important aspect of the competition is grooming. A dog’s placement can be successful or broken by its hair-cut and style. Check out this article about it if you’re a groomer trying to grow.


But don’t worry, all you dog lovers who enjoy mixed breeds or dogs who don’t meet AKC standards! Mutts are welcome to compete in a special athletic event at the Westminster show! The victor gets the  “All-American Dog” crown.


3. Houston World Series of Dog Events

Showing off purebred dogs is the main focus of the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. The purpose of this show is to educate the public about the advantages of pure breeding.

Compared to previous competitions, this one is looser and more laid back. The following activities are part of the five-day celebration:

A Design Doghouse Contest

Breed/Confirmation Judging

Event for Obedience and Rally

Breed Grooming Standards

Hunts for weight in barns 1, 2, and 3 Exhibition of Frisbees

How Does a Dog Competition Show Work?

Traditional dog competitions like The National Dog Show are different from dog grooming events.

In grooming competitions, grooming excellence is judged rather than breed requirements.

In a dog grooming contest, the judges want to examine how well you handle dogs and how proficient you are with scissors. The judges at dog competitions examine the dog’s conformity to breed criteria. As a result, during dog shows, the handler frequently leads the dogs as they trot around the ring. The judge can now observe the dog’s movements thanks to this.


Then in a grooming competition, the judges meticulously examine each competitor’s appearance. The dogs present themselves while standing at a table to make it easier for the judges. Breed-specific categories, like poodles, or technique-specific categories, like scissor methods, are also possible. Additionally, there are classifications based on grooming expertise. In this approach, novice groomers face off against one another.

Dog Competition Show

Although there are many others, Groom Expo, Groom Expo West, and the Atlanta Pet Fair are three dog grooming competitions. Each dog competition features educational workshops where dog groomers can pick up fresh information on dog handling, grooming methods, and supplies. Some dog groomers enjoy the rush of a grooming competition.

dog competition show
A boy training a dog

Stephanie Pietri, a groomer at Ruff & Tumble Salon in South Windsor, Connecticut, said she entered grooming contests to continue learning. “Grooming has gotten more serious during the last ten years. Learn, there are so many various methods. She advises potential groomers to start small and regionally. Almost every person in the country can reach a dog grooming event by car.


So when she won a gold medal at Intergroom in 1992, Jackie Boulton of Mucky Pups in Calgary, Canada, says she first became interested in dog grooming competitions (now World Dog Expo.) I love to scissor a puppy, she declares. She is able to scissor dogs while competing in grooming events. Additionally, “I get to travel and meet new people who understand my perspective. also “shop”

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