List of Foods Hamsters Can Eat

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Did you know there’s a list your foods hamsters can eat? What does your hamster typically eat? What foods do hamsters eat? When I initially got my hamster I had a lot of these questions, and I can now tell you what I learned.

I learned some things the hard way, others by consulting experts and still others from other hamster lovers. So that you have all the information you need on the food and diet for your hamster, I’ve put together a huge list below.

foods hamsters can eat
A hamster eating

The foods hamsters can eat

Hamsters are omnivores, to start with. That means they are omnivorous and will consume anything, including grains, meat, insects, and plant-based foods. This holds true for all varieties of hamsters.

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A box of hamster food often contains only grains, a few seeds, and a few vitamin pellets. However, if you turn the box over and read the ingredients, you’ll frequently notice sources of protein including chicken, fish, beef, and shrimp.

You can buy a pre-made mix that will last for a few weeks or perhaps a few months, or you can prepare the hamster’s omnivore food from scratch.

I’ll also you with some food mixes and other treats that you can buy for your hamster.

Let’s first look at some things that hamsters should never do.


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Foods hamsters can not eat

Hamsters should generally avoid anything acidic. Your hammy will shy away from an orange even if you give him a portion of it, but that is only because of the unpleasant smell.

It is best to completely avoid acidic foods. Other foods should be avoided by your hamster, mostly because they are not suitable for his stomach. Some items that your hamster should never consume include the following:


  • Citrus fruits of any kind, including lemon, orange, clementine, grapefruit, etc.
  • Any tomato component, even if less so than a lemon, has acid.
  • Anything sweet, even chocolate, can lead to diabetes.
  • Apple, grapes, strawberry, and other fruit seeds or peels
  • Spices, peppers, onions, garlic. Anything too spicy or tasty will make his stomach uncomfortable.
  • Meals with high-fat content, such as extra-fat beef and some types of dairy

All of these things are bad for your hamster because he can’t digest them. It is better to stay away from these foods entirely because in some situations they can kill the hamster.

Let’s discuss the food groups your hammy can consume now, with examples from real life. Yay!

What proteins can your hamster eat?

Protein is consumed by hammies, although it need not be soy-based. You can include soy protein in your tiny hamster’s meal mixture in addition to giving him soy-based foods like tofu. I would not, however, suggest giving the hamster a real, raw soybean. It’s best to avoid it.

For instance, I’ve offered my Teddy boiled turkey, chicken, and egg whites, and he likes them all. Actually, hamsters just store food in their cheeks and hide it throughout the house most of the time. But when it came to the egg and chicken, Teddy put everything else aside and devoured them then and then.

Of course, you should feed your hammy little bits so he can consume them right away. We all know how quickly meat spoils, so if you give him a portion that is too large, he might want to keep some of it for later.

Hamsters may enjoy mealworms as a reward. Although I’ve met people who give them to their hamsters as treats, I’ve never given one to Teddy. You can try, but not all hamsters will enjoy them. However, because mealworms are so nourishing, do not feed them too frequently.

Give your hammy dairy occasionally, but it’s also a fantastic source of protein. Because hamsters are mammals like humans, they cannot process large quantities of milk-based goods very effectively.

Legumes and vegetables

Hamsters can consume most vegetables without harm, however, some should be avoided. Particularly unhealthy are legumes like lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas, and so forth.

Their high fiber content, which can disturb your hamster’s digestive system, is primarily to blame for this. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid giving your hamster legumes.

Roots and leafy greens are often good choices for vegetables. But let’s discuss a few specific cases. These vegetables are completely safe for your hammy to consume:

Most leafy greens, including kale, lettuce, spinach, and watercress



Pasta and bread are foods hamsters can eat

But only in modest amounts. The problem with meals like pasta, bread, rice, etc. is that they are all heavy in carbohydrates. As a result, although not as much as you may expect, your hamster needs them.

Following are some examples of carbs and bread that your hammy can consume without harm:

The bread provided is low in salt and has no added sugar. That eliminates hamburgers, hot dogs, and toast bread as well. Actually, whole grain or multi-cereal bread is excellent for hamsters.

Hamster next toan apple

Some fruits are foods hamsters can eat

The majority of fruits are suitable for hamsters. I’ll also go through the few exceptions that exist. Here is a list of fruits that your hamster can consume first, though:

  • peeled and cored apple and pears (no seeds)
  • berries with no seeds
  • banana slices
  • no seeds, peeled grape
  • dried dates and figs
  • raisins
  • blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  • a cherry without seeds

Once more, keep citrus fruits away from the hamster. Hamsters will suffer damage since citrus oils are harmful to them. Hope you enjoyed this list of foods hamsters can eat.


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