Best Hamster Food For Syrian Hamsters

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You must be looking for food for a syrian hamster. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. In their natural habitat, wild hamsters simply consume whatever seeds, grains, grasses, and insects are available. Because they are omnivores, hamsters consume both meat and plant matter. So let’s dive into the best hamster food for syrian hamsters.

What is the diet of a Syrian hamster?

Look for a pelleted hamster mix without artificial colors because those are not healthy. Hence it can’t be the best hamster food for syrian hamsters.

Fruits and vegetables are also favorites among hamsters as treats. However, a pellet hamster mix should make up the majority of their food. You must be careful not to overfeed your pet hamster.

While they are eating, you could observe that their cheeks are filled with food. They don’t eat all they put in their cheeks. They keep part of the food hidden under their sheets for later consumption.

best hamster food for syrian hamsters
A hamster eating a strawberry

How much should a hamster eat?

According to experts, your Syrian hamster should consume roughly 1/8 cup of pelleted hamster food each day. This is for a Syrian or teddy bear hamster of standard size.

Of course, every hamster has a unique metabolism and hunger. As a result, it’s critical to keep an eye on their diet to ensure that you aren’t over or underfeeding them.


What do we suggest

Our Syrian hamsters adore the food that comes from gerbils and hamsters. You may order it online and have quick delivery to your door.

Although seeds and fruits are loved by hamsters and gerbils, they can be high in calories and low in nutritious value. Overeating these items can lead to picky eating habits and obesity.

When should I give my Syrian hamster its meal?

It doesn’t really matter what time of day you feed your hamster. When hamsters are hungry, they will consume the food. Additionally, it will conceal food inside the cage so that it can munch on it all day.

While you are allowed to keep some of the pellet hamster diet mixes in their bowl. It’s crucial to remove any potentially perishable food. Fruits and vegetables it does not eat should be swiftly removed from its cage.

How can I hook my hamster to a new food?

Start out cautiously if you’re unsure of what your Syrian hamster will consume in addition to the standard hamster food. Offer just one new food kind at a time.

Also, make sure you only give them a tiny bit. In this manner, you won’t waste the food if your hamster doesn’t enjoy it.

Additionally, you won’t have fed them much if it bothers their stomach or results in diarrhea.

You can give your hamster a larger piece the next time if they enjoy the small test piece and it doesn’t make them ill.

Although many Syrian hamsters enjoy eating these things, each hamster has its own nutritional preferences. Therefore, something that one hamster enjoys may not be enjoyed by yours.

Bready food for syrian hamster

Hamsters shouldn’t eat white bread, but they can consume very few portions of brown bread. They should avoid bread, and white bread is the least nutritious choice. 

Cookies, crackers, cakes, and other baked items or snacks shouldn’t be given to them. These contain a lot of sugar, salt, and fat. Additionally, a wild hamster’s diet would not include them.

Maintaining a diet that is as similar to that of their wild cousin as you can is a good place to start.

Vegetable food for Syrian hamster 

If you’re wondering what Syrian hamsters can eat, carrots might be an answer. Considering how enjoyable they are to munch on, carrots might make a great treat for your hamster.

Additionally, it is a delightful treat with a lot of fiber. Give them a mini carrot to chew on or cut the carrot into smaller cubes as opposed to giving them a large chunk.

Keep in mind that veggies like carrots do contain modest quantities of sugar. 

You shouldn’t provide them with sweets each day. Pellets hamster mix should make up the majority of any hamster diet.

best hamster food for syrian hamsters
A hamster on a wooden floor

Fruity best hamster food for syrian hamsters

Indeed, any hamster, especially Syrian hamsters, loves bananas as a treat. But since bananas are so delicious, you should only give them a quarter teaspoon at a time.

Additionally, you ought to only give them bananas once or twice per week. Even though it may seem like a small amount of food to you, a hamster would love it.

Grapes, apples, watermelon, pears, peaches, and strawberries are also edible to hamsters. To prevent your hamster from choking, be careful to remove any seeds.

To make the grape and apple easier for your hamster to eat, you might also want to peel them. If you decide to give your hamster a grape, be careful to cut it into quarters beforehand.

As a treat from time to time, Syrian hamsters consume a wide range of fruits. We hope you have enjoyed these best hamster food for syrian hamsters.

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