Funny Bunnies Facts And Stories

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Here are some funny bunnies with fun facts and a personal story. When given the flexibility and chance to express their beautiful personalities, rabbits make fantastic pets. Look no further than your neighborhood animal shelter, where there are frequently adoptable rabbits if you’re looking for a big-eared friend. In fact, at Columbus Humane, we frequently have a large number! Visit this page to see our adoptable rabbits.

funny bunnies
funny bunny

Here are 12 interesting facts about these amusing herbivores that you might not know in the interim.

Facts About Funny Bunnies

Bunnies occasionally bounce about and flick their heads and feet to show their happiness. Within the rabbit world, that endearing habit is a “binky.”

A female rabbit is a “doe,” and a male rabbit is a “buck,” just like deer.

The large ears of a bunny aren’t just for hearing! Additionally, they aid in controlling the rabbit’s body temperature. When it’s hot outside, the blood arteries in the ears expand; when it’s cold, they contract.


AND those incredible ears can also turn nearly 360 degrees.

Funny Bunnies Have Many Sounds

Although they may appear to be silent pets to some, rabbits are actually capable of producing a variety of sounds, including snarling, shrieking, chattering their teeth, and even faint honking. Wow, how lovely!

For their health, safety, and sociability, indoor rabbits require spacious cages or exercise pens! Additionally, they require a lot of daily supervised play and exercise time outside of their cages or pens. During this time, be sure you bunny-proof your home and keep them under supervision.

Rabbits have the ability to jump, and BOY can they jump! In fact, rabbits are capable of leaping an amazing 10 feet in length and just over 3 feet in height!

Funny Bunnies Have Great Vision

Bunnies have nearly excellent 360-degree vision due to the placement of their eyes on the sides of their heads. This enables them to detect the presence of a predator in the wild. Right in front of their tiny twitchy noses is their one blind spot. What a funny thing!

It is possible to train rabbits to utilize a litter box, which greatly simplifies cage cleaning.

Most rabbits love fruit and have a “sweet tooth”! But moderation is essential, just like with any treat!


A 55-pound British pet rabbit by the name of Ralph currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest bunny. He spends $90 a week on food! Source

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Bunnies have a strong attachment to their owners and can be highly cuddly. Many people even respond when called.


Like dogs and cats, rabbits enjoy playing and need mental stimulation. The good news is that there are many items you probably already have around the house that make excellent toys. Paper towel rolls, balls of paper, and other items can amuse your bunny.

How Long Will My Funny Bunnies Live?

Bunnies typically live between five and ten years, but the oldest living bunny, who recently turned 17, broke the Guinness World Record. Source

A rabbit would kneel down to make himself appear as little as possible when he is feeling weak.

Because they are sociable animals, rabbits prefer to be with other rabbits for company, so think about adopting a bonded pair! Ask your vet or the shelter how to introduce rabbits to one another successfully if you currently have one and wish to expand your family.

Above all, keep in mind that these fuzzy friends make wise and unique friends! Check whether a rabbit might be a nice companion for you by speaking with one of our animal care consultants!

funny bunnies
funny bunny

A funny tale involving my rabbit

My rabbit does not reside in a cage and considers my little, two-room flat to be his domain and home. He graciously gives it to me and my 12-year-old cat. One night, a loud stomping noise from my kitchen woke me up. The bunny is frightening away the three mice that I found.

My cat made absolutely no effort! My bunny didn’t spend the following three weeks sleeping in his customary spot beneath the room’s armchair; instead, he spent those nights keeping an eye out for mice in the kitchen.

It was hilarious! I never had mice before, but San Francisco is experiencing a wet season, and there is also road construction on my block, which encourages mice to enter people’s homes. Another instance of stamping occurred when I brought my rabbit to my bed and fell asleep.

When I woke up, the bunny was stamping under my cover since my cat had entered my bed the previous night. As bizarre as that seems, I suppose rabbits don’t like to share their area (which includes me!) with other animals. LOL!


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