Top Breed Puppy Food. Expectations vs. Reality

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According to Top Breed puppy food, it has a higher protein level than typical dog food.  But does it actually outperform other brands and provide good value for your money? Topbreed manufacturers claim that the meal offers puppies strong immune systems, healthy bones, teeth, and skin; appropriate brain development function; and heart, skin, and coat health.

top breed puppy
puppy next to food


As more people choose to adopt “fur babies” as members of their families, there is an unrelenting need for dog food on a global scale, and the market for luxury dog food is expanding.

Due to the overwhelming selection of dog food brands available at the moment, choosing one may not be easy if you’ve never owned a dog before. The cost of upscale dog food products should also be taken into account. Are you prepared to shell out $90 for each sack of your puppy’s food?

What are your top concerns when purchasing dog food?


What is high-quality dog food?

Although the term “premium” is more of a marketing word, there is some truth to it. There are numerous affordable dog food brands available, and if you’re looking for quantity, you may buy many large bags of dry meals for dogs for less than $50.

The concept behind premium dog food is that some manufacturers are more committed to their canine customers and they buy superior ingredients, which ultimately result in longer-lasting healthier pets. Despite being omnivorous, domestic dogs nevertheless need high protein and fat ratios, particularly those that come from animal sources. Due to this, luxury dog foods frequently contain more crude fat and crude protein than their less expensive competitors.


However, don’t let the price points fool you. We won’t rely on prices only to make our decision today. 

But we shall dive in deeper by looking at the nutritional information written on the packaging of 

the food. After looking at this information, you can now have a more accurate perspective of the puppy food brand. That’s if we are to take the manufacturer’s word as the gospel truth. 


Is Top Breed puppy Food the best?

The worldwide company Robina Agri Partners, which mostly exports to Asia like the Philipines, 

is the producer of Top Breed Dog Food. In 2019, Topbreed even won an award for the dry kibble

 category as Top Breed Dog Food. One of the few dog food manufacturers to receive recognition in the same category twice is Top Breed.


How is top breed puppy food priced?

The price is reasonable; a large bag costs just over $20, placing Top Breed Dog Food at the

 same level as common US dog food brands without the hefty price tag.


With Top Breed Dog Food, Robina Agri Partners used a variety of vegetable crops to give 

canines nutrients and roughage, which we noticed right away. Due to the focus on vital

 micronutrients, this dog chow seems to have been specifically created for show dogs.

The main sources of calories are soy meal, rice bran or rice middling, wheat, and beef meal, 

which is preserved with vitamin E. Dog food also contains vegetable oil and animal tallow 

as sources of fat. In addition to providing vitamins and a digestive boost, nutritional yeast

 is a component in Top Breed Dog Food.


This dog food is fortified with vitamins, minerals, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, among other 

nutrients. Both omega-three and omega-six fatty acids are vital for a healthy heart as well as for

 a canine’s regular metabolism. To lessen odors in the feces, the company has additionally included

 Yucca schidigera plant extract. All dog owners will benefit from this, especially those who have

 larger dog breeds. Top Breed Dog Food has a minimum crude fat content of 12 percent, a 

maximum naturally occurring moisture content of 12 percent, a maximum amount of roughage 

or dietary fiber of 4 percent, and a minimum crude protein content of 28 percent.

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Disadvantages of Top breed puppy food

Dogs with gluten and other related byproduct allergies shouldn’t eat Top Bread puppy meals. 

This is due to the fact that it includes both wheat and wheat byproducts. You might end up taking 

your dog to the vet and spending more than you intended. 

On an unrelated note, please get pet insurance for your puppies to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

top breed puppy
puppy with its food



TopBreedd puppy food seems to be safe for your puppies but you should always be careful. If you 

don’t know your puppy well, please consult your vet before you give the dog anything you are not sure of.

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