Feeding 4 Week Old Puppies

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Feeding 4 week old puppies is very easy.

Female dogs typically start gently weaning their pups at the 4-week point. Puppies naturally start to spend more time apart from their moms during this stage as their teeth start to erupt. You can start introducing puppies to solid food during this stage of the weaning process.

feeding 4 week old puppies
A puppy eating

Puppy care for four-week-olds

You’ll need to provide sustenance and introduce her puppies to solid food as mama begins to wean them. The good news is that both the mom and the puppies benefit from this gradual introduction to solid foods. You can typically get the puppies to wean themselves after a month.

However, week four is just the beginning because a puppy’s needs at this stage of development vary quickly.

Buy wholesome food

Feed the puppies the premium puppy food your veterinarian suggests for the best possible start. Choose food with an American Association of Feed Control Officials accreditation on the label for the best nutrients.

Additionally, search for puppy diets rich in docosahexaenoic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid for the growth of the brain and the eyes. Do not give table leftovers to pups, no matter how much they beg for them: A four-week-old puppy should be on a balanced diet and have consistent feeding times.

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Whether your puppy is a huge breed or a little breed can affect the kind of food you buy. Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Breed Chicken & Rice Formula with Probiotics is one of the vet-recommended puppy diets for puppies of large breeds.

For puppies that will eventually weigh more than 50 pounds, it offers high protein levels and crucial DHA. For puppies above 55 pounds, Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breed Chicken Meal & Oat Recipe delivers calcium for the best bone growth.

First Time

When introducing a puppy to food for the first time, it is better to moisten the dry food. Or feed them wet food until their teeth erupt and they have the strength in their jaws to effectively chew dry kibble. For dogs weighing between 23 and 55 pounds as adults. The Royal Canin Medium Puppy Wet Dog Food is the best option.


Farmina Natural & Delicious Chicken Grain-Free Mini & Medium Breed Puppy Formula is good for small dogs. Due to its low glycemic index and Italian formulation, veterinarians choose Farmina. You may find Iams ProActive Health Smart Puppy Food on the shelves at many veterinary offices. If your puppy grows up to be a tiny, medium, or giant dog, it is inexpensive and made for all breeds.


Avoid switching to a different brand of food once a puppy has started eating it unless you have no other option. Maintaining a puppy on the same premium food can prevent any potential stomach issues brought on by dietary changes. If switching is necessary, start by mixing the two types of food and gradually introduce more of the new meal over the course of a few days until the transition is complete.


Adding Solid Foods (Feeding 4 Week Old Puppies)

A four-week-old puppy’s development still depends on getting the majority of his nutrition from his mom.

Introduce solid food by giving a modest serving four times per day. Keep an eye on the puppies as they get used to eating solid food. After each feeding, remove any uneaten food and dispose of it.


The food for the puppies should always be fresh. Don’t worry if a puppy doesn’t seem overly interested in eating. After a few introductions, if she still won’t eat, try offering her a tiny bit of food. If she eats, praise the heavens, but never make her. She ought to get the concept in a few days.


Introducing Water For Drinking (Feeding 4 Week Old Puppies)


Puppies do not require water before the age of four weeks. Mother’s milk provides them with all the hydration they require. While pups should take bottled water or boiled tap water allowed to cool, adult dogs can drink water straight from the faucet. Despite the fact that your puppy will probably initially climb in and get wet, put the water in a shallow bowl so that he can’t accidentally fall in.

feeding 4 week old puppies
Feeding a puppy

A litter of puppies may share a water bowl thanks to puppy bowls like the Podinor stainless steel bowls, which are very simple to clean. A non-spill bowl like the Upsky bowl, which holds 4 1/2 cups and pours the liquid slowly, like a fountain, is necessary because puppies can get filthy. With pups who are still learning how to drink. It is crucial that the water is fresh and that it is non-spill and non-skid.

Another choice is to fasten a water bottle to the side of the whelping box or another cage you’re using, like the RentACoop pet water bottle for hydrating rabbits and other tiny animals. Cupping your hand, you can give him his first sip of water. Regardless of the water you use, keep trying to get the puppies to drink. Until they can do it on their own. They should have access to clean, fresh water at all times, just like the larger dogs do.


True Weaning Requires Time (Feeding 4 Week Old Puppies)

You can raise the amount of puppy food during the coming weeks to keep up with the pups’ growth. Puppies should be totally weaned from their mothers by week seven or week eight and eat just solid food. There is a mother dog who is probably relieved that she will no longer be a food source as the puppies depart for their next stage of life and potential new homes in the near future.

Before making any dietary, medication, or exercise changes for your pet, always with your veterinarian.

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