Why Your Cat Throwing Up Food Is Bad

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What if you saw your cat throwing up food? Imagine seeing your adorable kitten tucks into the kibble you gave her for dinner. A little while later, you hear someone retching close to her dish.
What causes your cat to vomit in such a manner? And why does it always occur during mealtime?
There are two distinct forms of vomiting, did you know? Acute and long-term.
 Acute vomiting is a brief episode that usually results from quickly consuming a lot of food. It lasts for one to two days.
Cats with chronic vomiting will do so on a daily basis. Along with extra symptoms like discomfort, weight loss, and sadness. 
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cat throwing up food
Cat with owner
These are the cats’ reasons for throwing up their food

It eats like a glutton

This may result in vomiting soon after eating. You know, a cat’s stomach can only hold so much. 
Some pet owners prefer to give their cats many smaller meals throughout the day. Others prefer to keep food available in the bowl at all times so the cat can eat as much as they want whenever they want. You might want to think about using an automated feeder. This is because it releases smaller portions of food on a schedule.

Consumed or drank too quickly

You are aware when a large blob of vomit is located close to their meal bowl? Although there is liquid on it, it still appears to be food. This is an indication that your cat is eating too quickly.
When one cat takes the food of the other cats, it causes irregular feeding patterns and food binges. This becomes an issue in houses with multiple cats. Ensure that the cats feel secure enough to eat at their own leisure. Feed them in separate areas.
Your cats are probably drinking too quickly if you notice a tiny puddle of clear liquid close to the bowl. Keep a bowl of water nearby at all times so your cats can drink water as they choose to help alleviate discomfort.


A hairball should come out of your kitten every two weeks; they resemble cat vomit. To take care of themselves, cats occasionally vomit balls of hair. Everyone knows this. Your vet may advise therapies such as cat diet changes. This is to decrease hair development or grooming your cat to lessen the amount of ingested hair. This is if your cat frequently vomits hairballs.
You can also try a snack like Blue Buffalo’s hairball formula. This is because it helps hairballs travel through the digestive system.

Difficult to digest foods leads to cat throwing up food

Being natural predators, cats will probably consume anything. Be it insects, birds, or rodents they come encounter. So, they are also consuming the animal’s flesh, fat, and bones. You might be surprised to learn that most cat feeds contain bones and organs. These byproducts provide a lot of nourishment to a cat’s diet. But a cat may find them difficult to digest. Throwing up and diarrhea may say that you need to change your diet.
Additionally, search for snacks with a single protein and no preservatives.

Food Ingredients

We all like giving our cats premium cat food and treats. But we rarely consider all the ingredients listed on the packaging. Your cat may be having an allergic reaction to the chemicals in the treats.
Reading the label before you buy food for your cat is one of the greatest ways to find out what it is consuming.

Typical label for dry food

Despite being of high quality and high rating, this food has a lot of chemicals.

Typical label for wet food

Despite being marketed as chicken and turkey, this wet food is strange. It still contains a lot of preservatives and more nutrients.
Now, assuming that each of these chemicals is either GOOD or BAD for your cat is misleading. The greatest thing you can do is experiment with several foods. Till you discover one that works for your cat and then educate yourself about what works for them.

Harmful Plants leads to cat throwing up food

Even some of our favorite houseplants might be harmful to cats. The list of the most typical hazardous plants for cats is provided by PetMD. The following list is taken from the PetMD article:
  • Dwarf Castor Beans
  • English Ivy Hyacinth
  • Daffodils
  • Lillies
  • Marijuana
If you have any of these plants, think about placing them somewhere the cats won’t go or where they can’t get to them.
cat throwing up food
adorable cat

Grass, what about it?

Eating grass has long been regarded to be a sign of a cat’s unsettled stomach. But science has disproven this notion. It turns out that eating grass occasionally results in vomiting. Cats eat grass to strengthen their digestive system. Also, to help them get rid of intestinal parasites. Cats still practice this evolutionary trait nowadays.
To put it another way, don’t stress over it. In fact, you ought to think about providing them with their own grass to eat. When the grass grows lush and bushy, toss some cat grass seeds into a pot of soil. Then watch your cats eat the entire contents of the container. Before the grass gets too big, the rascals might even try to eat it.

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