Why Does My Hamster Sleep So Much

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We are all here to get answers to “why does my hamster sleep so much?”

Hamsters can sleep up to 14 hours a day, which may make you envious (wouldn’t that be nice?). But unlike humans, they don’t do it all at once. Instead, they take breaks from their activities throughout the day to wake up and slumber. And sometimes night.

Due to their nocturnal nature, you may witness (or hear) them playing. And using the hamster wheel very late at night. You obviously know about the proverbial hamster’s wheel. The hamster can play all the time without achieving anything. It’s only playing with itself.

Fortunately, you can still spend quality time with your pet. Do this by planning your routine to meet both of your schedules.

It might be time to visit the vet. This is to see whether there’s more to the reason why your hamster sleeps so much, even for a rodent.

why does my hamster sleep so much

My hamster sleep so much, why?

Even though 12 to 14 hours of sleep is undoubtedly a lot, hamsters don’t actually sleep all the time. You may feel this way because of these reasons. Your tiny pet, who enjoys staying up late, likely spends a lot of your waking hours dozing off.

Additionally, these animals only awaken briefly throughout the day to forage for food. It’s possible that you’re capturing them at the incorrect moments. Visit your pet when he is at his most active, which is in the late afternoon if you want to spend some time with him.

Why does my hamster sleep so much during day?

Generally speaking, if your hamster spends a lot of time sleeping. It signifies that he is a typical little man that enjoys sleeping all day.

Yet, excessive sleep should alert you to the possibility that anything is wrong with him. For instance, you don’t want him to have gone into hibernation.

This typically occurs when a cold front has arrived.  Plus when the cage temperature has dropped too much below optimal. Your pet goes into hibernation as a result. This is because its wild counterparts need to sleep through the cold months. Now you have a pretty good idea of the question “why is my hamster sleeping so much.” Read on

This is most likely to occur when the room temperature falls below 50 degrees. Make sure your hamster is not placed too close to a fan or air conditioner.

Alternatively, if it’s warm enough and your pet is still sleeping too much, he might have become ill.

Hamsters frequently get colds and have stomach problems. Such can make them want to spend more time in bed. Keep an eye out for additional indications that your buddy isn’t feeling well. Such as sneezing or diarrhea.

Call your vet for additional guidance after carefully examining him. Continue paying attention to his feeding and urinating habits. To figure out the problem, she might ask you to bring in a sample of the hammy’s stool. Or she might need to perform tests and blood testing. Similar to colds in humans, your hamster will soon be back to being up all night.


Why you shouldn’t disturb a hamster that is asleep?

Since your hammy is neither in the police academy nor training for the navy seals. Nobody enjoys being abruptly awakened from a sound slumber. Also, your hamster sleeps for the majority of the day. So your daily commotion can unintentionally wake him.

It’s preferable to keep him somewhere in the house where the regular morning traffic won’t wake him up. Additionally, a startled hamster may attack you. This is because he believes you to be a predator awakening him from his sleep.

Stress can also come on by spending too much time awake throughout the day when hamsters should be sleeping.

You don’t want your guy’s regular sleeping hours to change if it means he stays up anxiously because hamsters get sick when they experience too much tension.

why does my hamster sleep so much
A cute hamster

Last thoughts on why your hamster sleep so much

You no longer need to wonder why your hamster sleeps so much. It’s simply in their genetic makeup for hamsters to sleep when there are few active predators and it’s too hot to go in search of food. To find seeds and puddles, they prefer to emerge at night when it is both safer and cooler. Avoid making your hamster’s schedule too flexible to fit yours. Find a point of agreement instead, perhaps in the evening. Just after supper, you can let your hamster out of his cage and let him play for a while. At night, you can keep him occupied with a variety of toys and workout equipment. We hope you got the answers to your question on why is my hamster sleeping so much.

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