Why Do Cats Sleep So Much During The Day

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Many pet owners ask why cats sleep so much during the day. How can you tell if your cat is dozing off unnecessarily? This information will help you understand why cats sleep so much. And how many hours a day they should typically be getting.

Your computer, printer, head, bed, couch, kitchen counter, and curtain are all places where you might find these things. What do all of these locations share? The answer is your cat has slept there if you are a cat owner. Cats like to rest in areas like those and a lot more.

Have you ever questioned whether all this napping is typical? Cats sleep or relax for 15 to 20 hours each day. Therefore, it is likely unimportant how your cat is obtaining his ZZZs. Here are seven possible explanations for your cat’s sleeping habits. Plus information on how to determine whether they are typical.

why do cats sleep so much
Cat sleeping and listening to music

Your Cat Might Be a Night Owl

Your cat’s propensity for napping so much during the day may be related to his propensity to stay up at night hunting fictitious mice. Cats in the past were nocturnal or nocturnal (active in the morning and the evening).

The majority of domestic cats follow routines similar to ours. They rest for most of the night and spend time with us during the day. Yet, it’s possible that your cat is adhering to his primal tendencies. So it’s spending the day dozing off and acting as a predator at night.


Your Cat May Be Saving Energy

Cats are hunters (and also prey). Like many predators, they store energy by sleeping or resting so that they have more energy to use when hunting in sporadic bursts. This cycle of hunting and sleeping is not alarming.


He’s not really asleep

Not every nap is a deep one. Cats occasionally simply press the stop button and take a quick break—a “cat nap,” if you will. Your cat’s ears or tail may occasionally move while his eyes are closed fully or even just partially. He is probably not sleeping at all, but rather listening to his surroundings and getting ready to take action.


Boredom is why cats sleep so much during the day

Animals occasionally sleep more when there is nothing to do. There are several ways to make your cat’s life more interesting and reduce boredom. You may, for instance, construct a catio for your cat, a secure outdoor area, or some climbing shelves. Giving your cat enrichment toys is a simpler option if your construction abilities aren’t up to the challenge.


Three different sorts of toys should be provided daily for your new kitten or adult cat. Observe the toys he enjoys using before making a decision on a different style or color. Buy those same toys. You can prevent boredom by learning what he prefers and then buying that kind of toy.

Anxiety answers the question of why cats sleep so much during the day

Cats employ hiding and reduced activity as coping mechanisms when they are terrified or agitated. If your cat hides from the family. It only interacts with one member, runs away during storms, or exhibits other signs of worry. He may be under a lot of stress. So don’t wonder “why do cats sleep so much?”

His coping mechanism can be to sleep more. Consult your cat’s primary care veterinarian for information on the effects of stress. Your referral to a board-certified veterinary behaviorist may come from her. In the book Decoding your Cat, you can read more about cat stress and discover ways to lessen it.


Your cat could be ill or discomfort.

When they are ill or feeling under the weather, cats hide and become less active. Your cat might be in discomfort or uncomfortable if he spends most of this time in the cat tree or beneath the bed.

Your cat may not be able to move about very much and may choose to rest if he is overweight since it hurts to move. Cat obesity is a severe issue that can cause discomfort while moving.  Make an appointment with your vet to have your cat’s health examined if you can’t easily feel his ribs.

why do cats sleep so much
Kittens sleeping during day

Why do cats sleep so much during the day?

Cats and humans alike can refuel by sleeping.  So if you ask why do cats sleep so much? Think about why people sleep a lot. A healthy sleep schedule is crucial for immunological function and general wellbeing. Unlike humans, cats appear to understand the intrinsic value of sleep and make the time to rest. It’s possible that you’re getting more sleep than your cat is!

Your cat should sleep and rest for up to 20 hours every day. Just go along with it if he is healthy, happy, and in good spirits. You might also benefit from a snooze!

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