Ugly Dog Contest 2020 – 2022

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The Ugliest Dog Competition Has A New King!

Guess who won the ugly dog contest this year? Meet Mr. Happy Face, the most unsightly dog in the world as of 2022! I’m happy he won but I don’t think he is as adorable as my cute pitbull puppies.
The ugly dog contest 2020 – 2022 has a new ruler on the dog iron throne. You would get this joke but you didn’t watch Game of Thrones.
At the 2022 World’s Ugliest Dog competition in California, this victor was chosen. Mr. Happy Face, a hairless Chinese crested-Chihuahua mix impressed all the judges. Or let’s say, they all said ‘Ewwww you win”.
Janeda Banelly, the lady who brought Mr. Happy Face, described the designation as an honor. She adopted the puppy from an Arizona shelter in August 2021 after he was saved from a hoarder’s home.
ugly dog contest
Fairly ugly dog

All dogs deserve love (Including those in the ugly dog contest)

According to Banelly, “I think that this humble soul is also serving as an example. This helps in showing humans that even old dogs need love and a family too.
Banelly claimed she was informed that Mr. Happy Face would only have a month to live because he was an “old dog”. Also, he required constant medicine shots to live longer.
Additionally, he had tumors, many illnesses, and was possibly inbred.
Banelly was aware of the difficulties she would encounter if she brought Mr. Happy Face home. But she made the decision to love him as much as she could.
He was the happiest animal I know in my life. “He limped over to me and picked me. I promised on that day that he would feel so cherished that he would never look back on his past life with regret.
NBC’s Sanders was one of the competition’s five judges. He had the opportunity to interact with the dogs competing for the championship. There was this hideous dog with the name Wild Thang, a Pekingese. The owners of these ugly dogs really give them funny names.

Ugly survivors in the ugly dog contest

The majority of the dogs that participated in the competition were real survivors. They were saved from puppy farms and shelters by caring parents. So before you misjudge the pets in the ugly dog contest 2020 – 2022, please cut them some slack. They have suffered a lot in this ugly world. I guess that’s why they are so ugly.
The competition promotes adoption while also “celebrating the dogs’ faults. This makes all dogs wonderful and unique,” according to a press release. Remember that childhood book called Animal Farm? Are all animals really equal? Well, we have a winner for the
ugly dog contest. So the answer is no!
Some of the animals have missing fur, misaligned eyes, or duck waddles. They can still enter the competition to display their distinctive beauty. At the contest, all dogs are welcome. So bring your ugly puppy next year.
The contest has demonstrated that not all dogs must the worldly expectations. People only want to chill with dogs like cute husky puppies. But you will be happy to find out that ugly dogs can also be good companions.
Benally is aware that Mr. Happy Face’s life hasn’t been easy. Mr. Happy Face endured abuse and neglect while living in a hoarder’s home. This was before finding refuge with the new owner.
Benally stated in her statement, “The vet had suggested that due to his tumor we might only have him for a few weeks.” He is still the happiest dog though. His smile does not change.
My Happy Face stumbled over to me and picked me out. He has defied the predicted short life that we all believed he would have. This has been with the help of our family by receiving love, kindness, and mommy kisses.
ugly dog contest
Ugly dog in glasses

Ugly dog contest 2019

 Before COVID-pandemic limitations in 2019, Scamp the Tramp sat on the dog iron throne. Again, why haven’t you watched G.O.T?
Anyway, Scamp was a goofy-eyed dog with dreadlocks. Who gives a pet dreads? Hillarious. Apparently, Scamp the Tramp enjoyed dancing to Bob Marley. This dog was a real Rastafarian.
Due to the pandemic, the ugly dog contest was halted in 2020 and 2021. It was reinstated this year.
Mr. Happy Face is the most recent canine to win the event, which has been running since the 1970s and revealed the winners on June 24.
We wish him a long and happy life with his current family. We pray he continues to be ugly and never infects his looks to any other dog.

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