Top 10 Cute Wolf Puppy Breeds

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You need a cute wolf puppy. Maybe you were dropping off the kids at late-night soccer or dance practice when all of a sudden you spotted a wolf go past your car and into a group of adjacent trees.

Although it can be unsettling to see a “big scary wolf” prowling around your neighborhood, did you realize that your preferred pet (assuming you like dogs) is actually descended from wolves?

Yes, all dogs have wolf forebears in their DNA, but the wolf-dog breeds are the ones that have the most striking similarities. Although these puppies have characteristics in common with wolves, wolf-dog breeds are equally as cute, active, and intelligent as any other canine on the street.

cute wolf puppy
cute wolf puppy

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We’ve picked up the top wolf-dog hybrids, whether you’re wanting to adopt or just want to lose yourself in their ridiculous cuteness.

Wolf dogs are domestic companion dogs that, aside from their more wolf-like characteristics, have some of the same DNA as wolves.

More Traits

Wolf dogs are extremely strong puppies that might easily outweigh small children, as you might assume. They may function better in a family setting with older children, but this does not imply that they are any less affectionate and pleasant.

Due to their double coats, wolf-like dogs also need a lot of grooming upkeep, socialization, and exercise. Before bringing a wolf-dog into your home, it is essential for their health that you educate yourself on their requirements and behavior.

Any of these wolf dog breeds would make a cute canine friend, though, if you believe a wolf dog would be a wonderful addition to your family.

These wolf-like puppies range in size from smaller breeds to larger dogs (without that infamous fairytale wolf’s bad trait), and they are popular choices for many people.


Wolfdog Saarloos

German shepherd and, well, a wolf are the two breeds that make up the Saarloos Wolfdog.

These smart canines react well to instruction, according to Pet Guide, but they require a person who can set clear boundaries for them. Despite their intimidating appearance, Saarloos Wolfdogs are typically not violent.

Tamaskan Cute Wolf Puppy

According to Dog Breed Info, Tamaskans often have thick coats and straight, bushy tails, which give them a wolf-like appearance.

Tamaskans are frequently excellent family pets, but you should be able to spend a lot of time with your dog as this breed dislikes being alone for extended periods of time.


German Vallhund

You might want to think about the Swedish Vallhund if you want a wolf-like dog that is on the smaller side.

According to the American Kennel Club, these outgoing, active dogs often weigh under 35 pounds and have short legs.

But that doesn’t imply they’re couch potatoes; according to the AKC, Swedish Vallhunds are active dogs who require at least one daily walk.

Utonagan Cute Wolf Puppy

The Utonagan is a dog that resembles a wolf and has a large, fluffy coat. Plus it has a charming disposition to match.

According to Pet Guide, Utonagans are well-known for having amiable, mild temperaments, which make them suitable as family dogs.

Russian Husky

Siberian Huskies were truly made for running. According to the AKC, these boisterous canines require a ton of activity and enjoy socializing with both people and other dogs, so you should prepare to spend many afternoons playing fetch.

Czechoslavian Cute Wolf Puppy

These strong, capable wolf canines need a lot of space to roam and explore. Czechoslovakian wolfdogs exhibit dominating and independent dispositions, according to the AKC.

In light of this, they’ll be a fantastic adventure companion the following time you go camping, hiking, or riding.


Shikoku Cute Wolf Puppy

Shikoku’s originated in Japan, where the Matagi (Japanese hunters) prized them for their capacity to locate wild boars, according to AKC. However, even if you don’t frequently go boar hunting in your neighborhood.

This breed can still make a wonderful companion because, according to the AKC, they are active and devoted to their owners.


These fluffy white canines appear to be smiling all the time because they actually are! Sammies’ upturned corners prevent them from drooling.

Which, when they were bred as Arctic work dogs, prevented icicles from developing on their faces. Samoyeds are joyful, intelligent, gregarious, and mischievous.

According to the AKC (be careful to keep your favorite shoes far away to prevent them from getting chewed up!).

cute wolf puppy
cute wolf puppy


The Akita, in contrast to many other large wolf-like dogs, doesn’t require a lot of activity, making it a suitable choice for someone who wants a pet but may not have a large backyard.

These pointy-eared dogs were originally bred in Japan as guardians, hunters, and house dogs. So they adapt quite well to life in the home, according to the AKC.

Pomsky Cute Wolf Puppy

The faces of these cute Pomeranian-Husky hybrids can resemble wolves, yet they weigh less than 30 pounds. In addition to being adorable, Pomskies are quite intelligent, devoted, and lively, according to Pet Guide.

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