This is healthy cat weight

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If you have a huge or tiny cat, you must wonder what is a healthy cat weight. Cats are among the most popular pets in America. But as more and more of them spend their lives indoors, they are also getting heavier. Obesity can cause some health issues. But most significantly, it shortens people’s lives. We can help if you want to keep your pet healthy but are unsure of how to determine if they are overweight. The typical domestic cat ought to weigh 8–10 pounds. Yet, there are some variables that could alter these numbers. So keep reading as we go over how to figure out your cat’s optimal weight. Plus how to make changes to ensure a long and healthy life for your cat. Some cats even throw up food. Does that affect their weight?

healthy cat weight
A fat cat

Let me assist you in determining whether your cat is overweight. And provide an answer to the age-old question. “How heavy should my cat be?”


Critically underweight healthy cat weight


Cats who are severely underweight need prompt care. Unless the cat is a stray or someone has been neglecting it, it is uncommon to encounter one in this state. Cats that are severely underweight will have ribs that are evident from both the side and the top. The bones around the tail are more pronounced than usual and lack any fat covering. Extreme abdominal surgery frequently leaves pets with little energy. They have no energy for grooming, hunting, or playing. If it is a stray, it will become less afraid of people and approach you in search of food.


How to check for healthy cat weight

The amount of fat in underweight cats will be higher than in overweight cats. Even though it might be more challenging to notice them from above. Rib bones are nonetheless visible from the side and are simple to feel when you pet the cat.

Along with an extensive belly tuck, the bones around the tail will have some cushioning. Yet will still be noticeable and easy to observe. Even if they are underweight and in imminent need of food, they will still have plenty of energy to hunt and play. And they might even decide to hide or flee from people if they come into contact with them. Especially in areas with a high population or during the winter. So the majority of stray cats are underweight.


Cat’s ideal weight

When you pet a cat that is at its proper weight, you can easily feel its ribs. But you won’t be able to see them until the cat is stretching, jumping, or climbing. When viewed from above, the cat will appear to have a waist. Thanks to the padding, visible, sculpted tail bones. The cat will have lustrous fur and be energetic and playful. Although cats in this weight range live the longest, doing so requires the most work from pet parents.



There are more overweight cats than cats that are at an ideal weight in many American homes. An overweight cat’s ribs can still be felt, but it will take some pressure, and you can also feel the fat. When looking at the body from above, you can observe that the tail bones are well-padded and that there is no hip line.


Obese healthy cat weight

Obese cats need prompt care, just like very underweight cats do. These cats are dealing with some health problems that are reducing their life. Including diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, and more. Your cat’s joints will suffer from the increased weight. Which will also make it more difficult for it to climb and jump as it typically would. Additionally, the extra fat may restrict lung expansion and regular breathing. The cat may also start snoring more. An obese cat’s ribs will be difficult to feel. Plus its face, limbs, and lumbar region will all have obvious fat deposits. The rear end will protrude out when viewed from above. There won’t be any discernible waist. The abdomen will be prominently rounded and padded with thick fat.

healthy cat weight
Tiny kitty

Ideal healthy cat weight

The average cat should weigh between 10 and 12 pounds, according to several experts. Although this isn’t always the case. There are more than 70 cat breeds recognized by the International Cat Association. Each has unique characteristics, including a preferred weight. The Singapura cat, one of the smaller cats, should weigh between 4 and 8 pounds, for example. The largest breed is the Maine Coon, which has males that may weigh up to 22 pounds.  Females range from 12 to 15 pounds in weight. But if you didn’t buy a specific breed, your cat is certainly a Domestic Shorthair. This is because one of the most popular house cats in America. These cats typically weigh around 10 pounds. But of course, this can vary, so you will need to assess each cat’s appropriate weight individually.

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