Stop Asking If Dogs Can Eat Honey. Answers Are Here

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Ever wondered if dogs can eat honey? Well, here are some answers for you.

Honey is frequently used as a natural remedy for both dogs and humans due to its anti-microbial and anti-fungal qualities. These qualities are said to reduce swelling and fight germs, treat it all from stomach ulcers and sore throats to help minimize allergies. Honey is rich in natural sugars as well as some essential nutrients that are believed to provide a variety of medicinal properties. Can our canine companions benefit from honey, though?

Can Dogs Eat Honey?
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Can Dogs Consume Honey?

Dogs can consume raw honey, yes. However, you should only give dogs honey in small proportions, just like other meals for humans. Before giving your dog even a tiny bit of this tasty treat, there are a few exceptions that you should be aware of. Today we shall talk about honey for puppies.

What are the risks of honey for puppies?

Can dogs consume honey? As previously mentioned, natural food has many advantages, but regrettably, some pets may not be able to benefit from the health advantages of honey, which could lead to health issues for them. You shouldn’t give the following pets honey because it might not treat them well. 

  1. Puppies: Due to their underdeveloped digestive systems, puppies under the age of 12 months may become unwell after eating honey contaminated with bacterial spores. Therefore, giving honey to puppies could be harmful to their health. The last thing you want is to harm your cute puppy when with a rookie mistake.
  2. Dogs with diabetes: The high glycemic index can cause diabetic dogs’ blood sugar levels to rise.
  3. Pets that have hypertension and are intolerant to bees may experience a response after ingesting honey.
  4. Dogs who are overweight: Honey might make your dogs heavier and more fat.

If a dog eats honey in excess, honey can result in stomach distress symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting.

How much honey is safe for my dog to eat?

Sugar is present in large quantities in honey. Despite being natural, it can still be problematic for dogs who have diabetes, are fat, or have immune system deficiencies. Honey should not be consumed by these pets. If you’re thinking about giving some of it to your dog, talk to your vet first. Please don’t be that guy who doesn’t listen to vets if you love pets. Sorry for the rhyme!

Honey has 70 calories per teaspoon. One teaspoon of honey a day is often well tolerated and beneficial for dogs. The following recommendations are based on your dog’s weight:

  • Small dogs (less than 10 pounds) may consume a quarter teaspoon daily. (This is honey for puppies)
  • Medium dogs (10–20 pounds) may consume half a teaspoon daily.
  • Larger dogs (20 to 50 pounds) can consume one teaspoon daily.
  • Large breed dogs (weighing more than 50 pounds) may consume 2 tablespoons daily.

There is such a thing as too much honey for dogs to eat. If your dog overate, their blood sugar levels may be raised, which could result in symptoms like puking, diarrhea, or appetite loss. If you notice these symptoms, consult your veterinarian. Again, don’t be that guy!

Honey’s Health Benefits for Dogs

So many vitamins are naturally abundant in raw honey, along with a variety of other vitamins and minerals.

Additionally, honey contains a lot of flavonoids, which are organic antioxidants. Antioxidants will aid in the slowing of aging and illness prevention. Raw honey has live enzymes that provide it antibacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and antifungal properties.

When your dog has a fever or flu, raw honey can help. The raw honey soothes coughing by coating the throat.

Raw honey from your area beekeeper may be helpful for dogs with environmental allergies. Small amounts of pollen from your area are present in raw, local honey, which can relieve your dog’s allergies. To guarantee that your dog is exposed to the pollens producing the allergic reaction particular to your dog, it is crucial that the honey is raw and local.

Can Dogs Eat Honey?

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Since raw honey has amylase and good enzymes, it can help with digestion. Additionally, honey is incredibly calming for the digestive system and can assist tone the body.

Raw honey may help your dog if they have problems like colitis or gastritis that are brought on by bacteria that comes into contact with the pet.

Lastly, here is a bonus benefit for you to research more on. There are also emerging reports that suggest giving dogs honey may assist their movement when they are arthritic.

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