Car Dog Seat Cat Carrier Dog Accessories for Small Dogs Travel Bag Transport Box for Pet

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  • Material: felt
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Suitable for Your Pet
  • Foldable Seat
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Car Dog Seat Cat Carrier Dog Accessories for Small Dogs Travel Bag Transport Box for Pet

This pet carrier is good choice for small dogs. It can be used as a travel bag or clothing bag. Choose yours!

Product size: 42*25*19 cm
Material: eco-friendly felt, webbing
Fixing method: elastic strap fixed

Applicable objects: dogs within 6.5 kg, cats within 7 kg.
Cleaning method: wash with water (do not use washing machine)
There is a mesh cover on the top to prevent pets from running out.
This pet car seat is foldable and can be stored well when you are not using it without taking up space.
Compared with other products of the same type on the market, the sides of this product are thinner, so the interior space is larger and pets are more comfortable inside.
This product can be used for one-piece top-opening armrest box and two-piece side-opening armrest box. If you don’t know what you should choose, you can contact the seller to help you buy it.
A white fluffy soft cushion is included with the purchase of this product.
The whole package of the thickened model is double-layered, the inner space is the same as that of the standard model, the hardness has been strengthened, and the thickness is not much different. The bag is pressed by a hot-pressing integrated molding process, which has strong toughness and can be squeezed by force. The firmness of the standard model is also sufficient, and you can choose according to the size of your pet. For dogs who can grow to more than 4 kg in adulthood, thicker models are recommended.
Due to the difference in body shape and weight of each cat and dog, please consult customer service for pets that are too large, and provide the height and size of the pet, and the actual measurement size shall prevail to determine whether it can be used.



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Mainland China



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"Car Travel Accessories "

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All seasons





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Small Dog



2 reviews for Car Dog Seat Cat Carrier Dog Accessories for Small Dogs Travel Bag Transport Box for Pet

  1. Y***n

    The design is simple, the colors and materials are very high-end. Great quality, the metal clasp is as big as my thumb. awesome!

  2. H***n

    The space is really big. I have also bought other pet seats with armrests, and only this space is the largest. And the standard one is pretty solid too. Very recommended!

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