How To Win A Cat Beauty Contest

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Are you considering entering your cat in a cat beauty contest? Then you know how exceptional the cat breed is. If you get it from a reputable breeder, you will also get the details about its pedigree and what they signify. This is an excellent place to start if you want your cat to succeed.

Even so, it’s simple to enroll your cat in a competition. But winning one requires time, effort, and commitment. Every cat should be in excellent health, clean, and well-behaved. Plus it should match the requirements for their breed. Hundreds of cat competitions, ranging from provincial to worldwide levels, are held annually. How can you make your cat stand out among the countless rivals? Find out by reading below!

cat beauty contest
Cat with a crown

Recognize the standards for evaluation

Every cat breed has standards set by organizations. Including how it should physically seem and behave. The judgment point will focus on the cat’s personality. Including temperament, and friendliness toward people, and other cats. And general grooming, especially for cats in the Household Pet class.

Before entering your cat in a competition, make sure to check the most recent list and standard. This is because they are updated annually.

Learn about the cat show classes

Age, breed, and the presence or absence of spaying are the determining factors. These are the typical categories for cat competitions:

  • Cats that are at least 8 months old and have not yet undergone spaying or neutering are eligible for the championship.
  • For cat breeds that the CFA has not yet fully recognized, see provisional. The Best of Breed award is up for grabs, however, cats in this class are not eligible to compete in the finals.
  • For cats that are between 4 and 8 months old, use the term kitten.
  • Any cat that has been spayed or neutered, or is older than eight months, is considered a household pet.
  • For breeds that haven’t yet received Provisional status, see Miscellaneous. Cats in this class are not eligible to compete for prizes, unfortunately.

Keep an eye on the competitors of cat beauty contest

Pay close attention to the winners who belong to the same breed as your cat. This is because they probably participated in the same class. Visit nearby contests, view YouTube videos about cat contests, and consult other sources. Keep an eye out for the traits of the winners. Such as their appearance, demeanor, level of activity, etc.

Find out what diet is optimal so that your cat’s features will be more radiant and healthy.

Be aware of the cat beauty contest rules

While each organization has its own set of regulations, the fundamentals are the same. The candidates should not be breastfeeding or pregnant, spayed or neutered. They must be in excellent health, and parasite-free. You should be aware of some additional guidelines for exhibition etiquette. For instance, don’t criticize the judges’ decisions. Or open the cages of other competitors. Look up the contest regulations material and thoroughly study it. Avoid breaking the rules to save your cat from being booted from the show.

Participate in cat beauty contest communities

You can gain valuable advice from other cat owners by expanding your network. Some of them might have previously competed in cat shows. Or have won frequently and would be happy to give you some advice. It will be more advantageous to get their advice as opposed to gathering all the data on your own.

Getting Your Cat Prepared for Competition


Take your cat’s health seriously.

Your pet will meet many other cats during the cat show. As a result, make sure your cat is healthy before the event by having a vet check it. Prevent your cat from contracting fleas, ringworm, or other dangerous diseases. Do this by completing the necessary immunizations. Your cat shouldn’t get sick shortly after joining the sweepstakes, of course.


Prepare your cat for the environment of a competition.

One of the most important things to do before putting your cat in a competition is this. The environment at an event will be chaotic and unsettling for both people and cats. Bring your cat to public areas and various environments.  So that it will become accustomed to strangers and loud noises. Allow each guest to your home to take turns petting your cat. When judges touch or hold your cat during the judgment session, this will help them remain composed.

Get your cat used to being in the cage, going places, and getting groomed.

Starting this training as soon as your cat is born is ideal. Give it its preferred treats or a toy to try to get it into the cage or to be groomed. Additionally, to prevent annoyance or discomfort, always pick the most convenient grooming kit.

If you want your cat to win a pageant, it needs to get outside frequently and maintain its beauty. As a result, since its attractive characteristics are its most valued asset in a competition, your kitty buddy needs to get used to bathing.  Combing and having their nails clipped. Do not believe that brushing your cat before the competition will be enough to win!


Prepare your cat’s paperwork for a cat beauty contest

When registering their cats for competitions, include a vaccination card and more papers. If you haven’t already received your cat’s vaccination card and health record, ask your vet. Make sure to complete an entry in advance, giving yourself around a month before the exhibition starts.

cat beauty contest
Beautiful cat

Attend the competition

Everything will seem scary to you and your cat as beginners. Don’t worry, though. Your level of preparation will affect how well you perform, just like in any other competition. Try the following advice to calm your nerves and make things go more smoothly:

  • Add a blanket and several of your cat’s favorite toys to make the cage cozy.
  • Bring enough water and food for your cat. Assume that the contest will last at least 4 hours longer.
  • Bring some pee pads and a portable litter box.
  • For your cat to look its best before the judging rings begin, bring a leash and a grooming kit.
  • Arrive at the location early to locate your benched cage and become familiar with everything (toilets, the waiting room, etc.).
  • Bring the vaccination card and any paperwork for your cat.

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