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How You Can Organize A Dog Drawing Contest
Speaking of a dog drawing contest. Let’s talk about this one in particular. Some people have exceptional artistic talent. Some people, not so much. However, even if you’re not a talented artist, you still stand a chance of winning an art competition. You only need to ask Jay Cartner, whose clumsy drawing of his dog Stanley won the first FIRULAIS art competition.
Because Cartner’s artwork received more “likes” than any of his rivals’, he was declared the competition’s winner.
 Truth is that Cartner is an artist who has produced more intricate works. But his simplistic depiction of his dog won the hearts of many (probably not the runner-up). With that in mind, Cartner made the decision to start the “Flat Dog Doodles” Facebook and Instagram page.
You have to like Cartner’s artwork, as aggravating as it may be for some that he actually won that painting contest. Any drawing of a dog is cool, but I feel like his doodles have a certain coolness to them due to their simplicity.
dog drawing contest
Dog painting in New York
Like dogs themselves, his artwork is lighthearted, approachable, and upbeat. I am certain that I would want a doodle of my dog looking like this if I had one. I could frame it, hang it on my wall, the entire nine yards. Additionally, for a modest cost, Cartner will draw and send you a picture of your canine friend if, unlike me, you actually own a dog.
But really, how could you resist grinning at your dog’s innocent scrawl as Cartner does? Even just scrolling through his Instagram feed makes me smile a little.
And I suppose that is what I love most about Cartner’s doodles and dogs. There is always a decent probability that they will improve your mood. Whether they are neat and stylish or unkempt and straightforward.
Let’s move on from Cartner’s story because the purpose of this article is to show you how to organize a good dog drawing contest.

How can you organize a successful dog drawing contest?

An excellent idea to enhance your event is to have a dog drawing contest. It offers your Club a chance to engage with the community. Also, it makes it possible for the Club to increase attendance because people will come with kids. We have provided all the materials you need to organize the art competition for your Club. We’re always here to support you in any way we can.

Organizing Your Art Competition

First of all, find out the important details regarding your art competition.
Will there be a theme for your contest?
Which grades will be welcome for your contest? It worked best for us to establish three categories (Grades K-5, Grades 6-8, and Grades 9-12). Each category had one winner and 25 finalists.
Which forms of artwork do you accept? We welcome digital, mixed-media, and traditional art forms.

How do you like your dog drawing contest to be?

How big does the work have to be? All artwork must be 8.5 x 11 inches. This is crucial for exhibiting the paintings.
How will the piece of art be evaluated? We evaluated the work based on its inventiveness, thematic fit, and visual quality.
What is the cutoff date for receiving art?
How will they send you the artwork? We acknowledged receipt of the painting by mail.
Will a prize be awarded? Then what?
When will the finalists be notified?
How many finalists are there going to be?
When will the winner(s) be notified?
Will you give the finalists and their parent/guardian complimentary seats to the event?

How will you invite people?

Then make a flyer with the necessary information on it.
If your Club determines it is necessary, you might think about developing formal regulations.
Make a list of the neighborhood schools in your area. If your event is in the summer, you will need to make arrangements in advance to make sure you have the art by the end of the school year.
But remember to contact the schools at least 4 weeks before the contest’s deadline. We decided it would be better to get in touch with the school secretary and ask them to distribute the flyer. Include an entry form that they must send along with their artwork.

Conclude your dog drawing contest

dog drawing contest
A nice sketch of a dog
Gather your submissions.
Make a plan for how you’ll select the finalists and then make your decision.
By the specified deadline, let the finalists know. Inform the participants where to meet you and when to arrive, as well as any other reminders you think they should know.
Choose the winner or winners and decide how to select them.
Then order rewards (if applicable).
Decide where and how the art will be displayed at your event.
Lastly, do you intend to provide free entry tickets to participants of the art contest? So decide how you will do it and, if required, deliver the tickets in advance.

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