Cutest Cat Contest 2021 Winners

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Who is the cutest cat in the whole wide world? Meet our 20 top contenders (Cutest Cat Contest)

Twenty adorable cats impressed a committee to advance as finalists in our Cutest Cat competition. Here are all 20.

In preparation for the month of cats, we have decided to remember the winners from last year.

We have a request, asking readers to send us their cutest cat pictures. We promise to take 100 cats, but our inbox immediately filled to capacity. It got to the point where we had to apply “paws” to the entries.

Last year, a group of people gathered and combed through the pictures. With the difficult task of selecting 20 cute kitties.

The Top 20 kitties are here.

cutest cat contest
A cute cat


Bootsie is a 7-month-old rescue who was discovered close to Firestone High School. Her owner Michelle Kurucz of Cuyahoga Falls says among the family of seven cats, “She is the loving, playful one.”

Second Chance

When Rachel Costanzo, a human, goes to the shelter on Black Friday, Chance, a 10-year-old rescue, meets her at the cage door. He puts his paws into her coat as she cradles him, and even then, she said in submission, “has been a loving cuddler.”


Charlotte in the cutest cat contest

Described by her master as a “lovable and curious kitten, who adores Halloween,” Charlotte is a 6-month-old Persian. Furthermore, she is Missy Carmichael of Sheffield Lake’s property.



A 15-year-old tabby mix they call Cheeto. At an adoption event, she jumps onto a bench and “selects” Massillon resident Tracie Archer by leaning on her. However, being old didn’t bother her.



Two-year-old tabby cat Cody was rescued. She brought a toy with her that was a small fox that was up on a stick. The fox is still her favorite toy and serves as her present to her human in place of the string and stick. “Whenever I leave the house, I always return to find that she has taken the fox to the room I was last in, such the kitchen or my office. I frequently wake up after going to bed to find the fox on my bedroom floor,” her human, Mary Wilburn, remarks. In South Euclid, the couple resides. So it could easily perform well. 


Daisy in the cutest cat contest

Daisy, who is about a year old, enjoys playing with her toys, going on adventures, and cuddling up to her new human mother. Jayme Pollock of Mayfield Heights is the owner of Daisy. Additionally, she is a happy cat.



Meet the recent rescue, Fluff. He enjoys playing with and torturing his brothers before taking a snooze close to his people. Furthermore, “Fluff is little but has filled our hearts with so much happiness and love,” said his owner Candie Diamond of Fairview Park.



The name of this 5-year-old tabby is Frankie. Liz Spahr of Lakewood, who is his owner, calls him “the ideal combination of fun and cuddling.” Every night at dinner, he takes his own seat in the hopes that someone may offer him some leftovers. With his cat brothers Mario and Newton, he plays and wrestles. But when it’s time to rest, Frankie prefers to unwind and settle in like a pro.



Meet Gino, a 3-year-old Sphynx who resides in Highland Heights with Marilyn Stinette. Furthermore, Stinette claimed that Gino spends every night snugglings up in her arms in bed with her.



Similarly, Jethro, age 11, was one among 17 survivors from a random apartment complex close to Lutheran Hospital. Additionally, Nancy Wilson of Broadview Heights is the adoptive parent.

Kennedy in the cutest cat contest

Meet Kennedy, a “mamma’s girl, sassy, and queen of the castle,” according to her human, Broadview Heights resident Lauren Dudley. Kennedy wants you to carry him as Dudley sings and dances, according to Dudley, and is always happy to cuddle.



Knox, a domestic shorthair who is 5 years old, resides in Lakewood with Jessica Jurcak. He is described by Jessica as “7 pounds of a cuddle.” But Knox will eventually find his way onto her lap or into her arms for ear scratches and cuddles, no matter how persistent she needs to be. In the process, do you knock your phone out of the way? Observe that face. He is blameless but not a hundred percent.


Leo in the cutest cat contest

Leo, a 4-year-old child, was rescued. Yet he resides in Medina with his owners, Ken and Sue Grover. However, Leo is a “troublemaker,” according to Sue, who likes to nap and play with toys but is scared of birds.



This is a domestic Siamese mix rescue who is 4 years old. Luna has more sass than any other cat. She is described as a “straight diva, demanding your entire attention” by her human, Alexis Moss of Lorain. She never gets enough food, so she always has to sit down in the center of the action.


Marsh-a-Mellow in the cutest cat contest

Introducing Marsh-a-Mellow, a.k.a. Little Miss. Barbara Holliman, her human, describes her as “sweetness with a whole lot of feisty.” When Marsh-a-Mellow was discovered as an abandoned kitten in the neighborhood of Holliman’s daughter, she joined the household.



Similarly, meet Molly, she has 3 legs. And resides in Strongsville with her owner, Keith Ely. By far the worst behaved of the four cats, she is said to be “always up to something and bothering the other cats. She receives the same love and attention from our family as do all of our animals.

Mona in the cutest cat contest

Furthermore, Mona is a dog that is around 3 years old. She is “very much a princess and dominates the house,” according to her owner, Clevelander Erica Maysey. She portrays a lack of affection for her brother Huey, although I constantly witness her spoiling him.

cutest cat contest
A beautiful cat


Similarly, meet Riviera, a hybrid Maine Coon, and Hylander who is a 10-month-old Mainlander. His owner, Keelie Cline, claims that he behaves “like a puppy, following me all around the house and even greets me at the door.”


Meet Stanley, a Tuxedo cat who is 8 years old and had a difficult childhood. According to Colleen Cain, the cat’s owner from Avon Lake, this “wide-eyed snaggle-toothed little fellow is the happiest, most daring cat alive” right now.

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