Benefits Of A Cat Agility Competition

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You ought to sign up for the next cat agility competition. Cats are notoriously independent and strong-willed animals. So it seems sensible that the words “training” and “cats” are rarely used in the same sentence. Thus, it should come as no surprise that many people are still dubious about the idea. Much less teaching them to navigate a challenging obstacle course. But put aside your concerns! It’s not as crazy an idea as you might think to train your cat.

In reality, more and more organizations are beginning to recognize the value of the sport. It’s created for cats on a daily basis.

Even though not every cat will be able to jump through hoops on demand. After little practice, some cats may surprise you by how easily they catch on. Here are some justifications for you to give cat agility training a shot.

cat agility competition
Cat balancing

Losing weight

Each of us has witnessed a cat that has been harmed by the rigors of a sedentary lifestyle. Many people choose to keep their cats indoors. Which is acceptable and in many ways safer. This is due to the inherent risks associated with allowing our cats to wander outside.

This decision also makes it simpler for them to settle into a comfortable location. And do nothing all day, eating and taking naps on the couch. Your obese cat will lose weight with daily agility exercise. But in a healthy amount.


Starting a cat agility competition 

Although purchasing a professional-grade agility course may cost you a pretty penny. You could just go creative. All you need is anything to sprint through, jump over, crawl under, or weave in and out of.

Anything you do is a terrific start as long as your cat is moving around. For example, stack some phone books, and place a broom handle over some chairs. Or construct a tunnel out of several used cardboard boxes. Your cat will love it.


Spend Some Time Being Quality

What activities do you and your cat actually engage in while they are not on your lap? When it comes to real playtime, cats typically get the short end of the stick; aside from flinging a bag of catnip around, there’s not much available. In contrast, dogs receive daily walks, fetch, tug-of-war, and a dozen other games. Before now! You could be that much closer to having another “special something” you can do with your cat. That’s if you create a few obstacles and use a thing-on-a-string to motivate them across the course.


Provides a release for your cat’s energy

Does your cat frequently jump on your furniture and drop objects to the floor? Do they run erratically through your home or are they just generally bothersome? Help them release some of that excess energy in a safe setting. The only thing your cat will want to do after a few laps around the old obstacle course is catching some Zs.

Astonish your pals with a cat agility competition

Put an end to your dog-loving friends’ arguments that cats are somehow inferior to dogs. They might claim that cats can’t be trained. So you gotta show them some incredible cat tricks. Even the most ardent dog lover will change their mind after seeing your cat jump through a few hoops. You can also check out our guide on dog agility competitions.

A cat agility competition is fun

Whether or whether your cat is capable of participating, it might be entertaining enough to set up the game and try to encourage your cat to play along. If your cat joins in the fun with open paws, awesome! Even if they don’t, it’s still entertaining to watch them make an attempt to refrain from taking part.

cat agility competition
Cat practicing agility

You Might Become A Champion!

Feline agility competitions have started to appear at cat shows all across the country. They have grown in popularity and attracted a whole new audience. The feline agility circuit, which is still in its infancy, is seeking some breakout stars, and your cat might be one of them! You might have a champion among you with a little work and a little bit of luck. But if you practice hard enough, you might not even need luck. I am quite certain you will win.

What To Do First

A little bit of online research may go a long way. You know everything can now be accessed on the internet. So, go out there and look for local cat agility competitions. Your cat deserves to take part in these interesting competitions. Don’t let her down. The trick is to never give up. Keep looking for competitions and don’t forget to practice with your cat. Go to amazon and buy agility kits.


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